Friday, 5 April 2013

Market Haul ❀

If you know me, you know I'm a girl who loves her bargains. Last weekend I discovered just how much, when I visited The 'Trash for Cash' flea market in Brunswick. The market stalls were displayed inside and out, selling a mixture of new, pre-loved and vintage clothing, unique hand made jewellery from local designers, books, records and more. One stall even had some homemade deathly hallows necklaces, golden snitch lockets and felix felicis bottles. What made it even better was that I knew many of the stall holders, so I got to chat with old friends while I shopped up a storm.

Here's some of the things I bought!

Floral crown - $8
Floral sunglasses - $15
I think I'll be wearing both of these a lot, especially in Spring!

Homemade dungaree dress - $7
(You can't see because of the overexposure, but the pockets
have little mushrooms on them to match the buttons)

Woven bag - $3

Knit jumper - $10
Boyfriend jeans - $15
This jumper makes me feel like a cross between
Aria Montgomery and someone from the Brady Bunch

Cropped striped tee - $3

American Apparel skater skirt - $6
(I still can't believe Joolz let me buy this so cheap! It's my new favourite wardrobe essential)
Ralph Lauren cropped shirt - $5
I can't wait to wear this in Hawaii with high waisted denim shorts, or under my overalls!
My favourite buy of the day - two new plants! I got both of these for $7 together because Sofia is a beautiful soul, and she explained how I'm best to water, love and care for them so they can bloom pretty flowers)

I've made a lot of great purchases in my day, but I'm definitely counting these as some of my best finds yet! Let me know what your favourite local markets are, or the best bargains you've ever bought :) 



  1. youre so lucky! i wish we had a flea market near me. ive recently gotten into thrifting and i need to find a nice shop where i can spice up my wardrobe.

  2. p.s. what template do you use on your blog? i really like it!

    1. Thanks! I just customised it myself off the 'dynamic views'. I'm still very new to all of this so hopefully I will get things looking better as I learn more :) I love your icon xx