Monday, 22 April 2013

Music Monday ♫

In true Ally fashion, I've left this post to the very last minute and am racing against the clock to hit 'publish' before midnight. I don't know why I choose to live on the edge like this, I guess I just like the thrill.

This weeks little ditty comes to you from a film I watched a few days ago. I was at my beautiful friend Rachel's house on Friday all snuggled up in bed and we decided to watch the classic film Dead Poet's Society. My parents had raved about this to me and I know it's many people's all-time favourite but I'd never actually gotten around to seeing it myself. If you haven't seen it yourself I strongly recommend you drop whatever you're doing right now and go watch it. Forget about assignments, commitments with friends or pets that need to be fed - this movie is a game changer. It's the kind that you can just tell is going to have an impact on who you are by the end of it. 

It's basically an inspiring story about a group of teenage boys at boarding school, and how they become inspired by their English teacher to truly 'seize the day'. At one point in the movie, one of the boys goes to a party at the house of a girl he is head over heels in love with, and this song started playing. I made Rachel rewind it twice so I could Shazam it because I loved the tune so much. 

The Cadets - Stranded In The Jungle

The verses are cool, but it's the chorus I'm obsessed with. It's a little rhythm and blues, a little funk and a lot awesome. It's that kind of music you just can't help but smile when listening to. The chorus makes me conjure up the image of handsome men and classy ladies of the 50s swinging and swaying to this groovy kind of doo wop tune on the jukebox in an ice cream parlour one warm afternoon.

I can't help but wish we still played music like this at our parties. There's something about
swing dancing that just pleases me a little bit more than the beloved harlem shake.

If you have any recommendations for music you think I might like or just want to share your
favourite song, band or artist, please comment and let me know! 

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